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Party Mix 2023 🔥 Remixes & Mashups Of Popular Songs Of All Time 🔥 EDM New Year Remix Mix 2023 🎉

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yayınlandı 12/26/22 / İçinde Müzik

✅Flow Magic Music
🎮Gamming Playlist 2022 :
Party Mix 2023 🔥 Remixes & Mashups Of Popular Songs Of All Time 🔥 EDM New Year Remix Mix 2023 🎉 | Real mixed and selected by Top EDM

▶️ Here a new Party EDM Dance Mashup mix with a lot of mashups and remixes from me or other fantastic DJ's! You can play this mix for a party, when you are making sport, in the car, when you are bored or just for fun!

📝 Tracklist:
00:00 | 0. Coopex & EBEN & Sarah de Warren - Dance Monkey
03:02 | 1. I Took A Pill In Ibiza Twin Ben Plum Cover Magic Cover Release
05:50 | 2. Thunder Goodscandal Cover Magic Cover Release
07:58 | 3. Unholy Badscandal Nito Onna Cover Magic Cover Release
10:23 | 4. Glimpse of Us (Meric Again, Jeannette Cover) (Magic Cover Release)
12:53 | 5. Skan See You Again Magic Cover Release
15:02 | 6. Cheap Thrills Cour PACANI Veronica Bravo Cover Magic Cover Release
17:25 | 7. New Divide Harddope LexMorris NitoOnna Cover Magic Cover Release
20:03 | 8. The Nights Golden Wizards NEMESIS Rachel Morgan Perry Coverr Magic Cover Release
22:24 | 9. CPX & Yohan Gerber - Dancing With Your Ghost (ft. Britt Lari)
24:36 | 10. You (Oliver Cricket x Nito Onna x Jimmy Rivler Cover) (Magic Cover Release) (320 kbps)
26:54 | 11. Believer The FifthGuys Shiah Maisel Cover Magic Cover Release
29:15 | 12. SAVAS & C4TO & Zayda - Some Say
32:00 | 13. Beauty And A Beat EQRIC PHARAØH Timmy Commerford Cover Magic Cover Release
34:18 | 14. I Wanna Love You (J R, Merdy, Pacani Cover)
36:34 | 15. Natural (Nito-Onna, Yohan Gerber, HORT3N Cover)
38:58 | 16. TO THE MOON (Dream Chaos, Veronica Bravo Cover)
41:24 | 17. All Falls Down (NEMESIS, New Beat Order & Rachel Morgan Perry Cover)
43:34 | 18. The Motto (Alban Chela & Veronica Bravo Cover)
45:49 | 19. New Rules (EQRIC, PHARAØH, Whoopa Cover)
47:57 | 20. 2Hounds & Adriana Vitale - Without Me
50:32 | 21. Love Me Harder (Coopex & HUX & Poylow Cover)
52:33 | 22. Where Are You Now Dream Chaos Ben Plum Cover
54:49 | 23. The Bad Touch (Tava, Robin Novaku, Kris Kiss Cover)
57:03 | 24. All Day And Night Boostereo ATHYN iLa Cover Magic Cover Release
59:17 | 25. Dark Horse (EQRIC & PHARAØH & FJØRA Cover)
01:01:20 | 26. One Last Time EQRIC Kverz MØRFI Britt Cover Magic Cover Release
01:03:24 | 27. Lucid Dreams (Faruk Orman & Ben Plum & PACANI Cover)

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♥️ I want to share some of remix and music that I use and love.

❓What I use:
📹 Software Audio Editing : Logic Pro X
🎬 Software Video Editing : Adobe Premiere Pro CC
📷 Software Photo Editing : Photoshop CC

*I don't own anything in the video, including the audio and picture. The credits go to the respective owners.
If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact with me and I will change/delete it immediately (this includes artists of the images/elements used).
If you want your song or photo removed from our channel then please email us and it will be removed within two hours. There is no need to file a strike when a much more civil process is able to be made.

#Remix #Pop #EDM
#Remix #Pop #edm

▶️ I would be really happy if you share this with your friends at parties or at home and let me know what you think about it in the comments 🔥 If I can see you like the mix I will produce new mixes on my channel!

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Party Mix 2023 🔥 Remixes & Mashups Of Popular Songs Of All Time 🔥 EDM New Year Remix Mix 2023 🎉

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